Ready for the Next Level

Hey everyone! While I hope you’ve been doing well, I gotta be honest and say, I’ve had a lot of things working against me.

It’s fine, I know it’s just time to level up and hit my stride with the next era of my life. And I’m feeling overall good about it. But what no one tells you in the aftermath of a breakup or losing a writing gig (as both of those things happened to me recently) is that it’s perfectly normal for emotions to fluctuate.

Meaning, some days I feel great like I want to take on the world, pouring myself into my new blonde attitude and motivating myself to meet my goals. Other days, I’d rather just sit around and scroll through Instagram. If you relate to that feeling, I wanted to take a moment and share what I’ve been doing to combat that sluggish, icky, “why me?” energy that does more harm than good.

  • Get out and about more! For me, that meant joining a gym. The way I see it, this has two, very crucial components to it: both feeling good and meeting new people.
  • Refocusing my short- and long-term goals. Kinda hard to make progress in any one direction when you don’t even know where you’re going, isn’t it? That’s why investing even a little bit of time in knowing exactly what you want out of your life is going to pay dividends. Or, if you’re not sure yet, that’s totally okay. Just think about the general direction of where you want to end up, and take concrete steps to get that momentum going.
  • Changing up my look. Now I’m not asking you to go crazy and pierce your whole face or something radical, but if you’ve been craving a particular new sparkle, I say go for it! I’ve had my nose pierced for a couple years now and it’s pretty much my favorite decision I’ve ever made. That plus changing my hair color gave me a much-needed new perspective on life and all the messiness that it brings.

While these ideas aren’t guaranteed to change your mood permanently, they’ll certainly help you find your stride again, so I highly recommend giving them a try.

I also believe that once you look at challenges at opportunities to grow and better yourself, your whole outlook changes. Suddenly, the things that snuck up on you out of nowhere don’t feel so bad. Once you learn that you control the mindsets you move into, you’ll be unstoppable.

As for the concept of leveling up, it’s something that I’ve been thinking about…

… for a while as I wrote the second book in my virtual reality coming-of-age duology, Forgiving What I Couldn’t Change, a couple years ago. While Vera quite literally has to survive the game to get out alive, she’s also got to level up her mindset to make her life better. I’m so proud of this book, and if you liked Maze Runner, Sword Art Online, or Jumanji, it’s safe to say you’ll love it too.

Read the full Rewind Duology on Amazon HERE.

Thank you for being here, and best wishes as you hit your stride on your next journey. Exciting, isn’t it?

The Benefits of NOT Writing

Yes, seriously. No, I’m not losing my mind.

I’m just saying that although if you’re reading this blog, writing is your bread and butter (like it is for me), but there’s more to you than just that. I’m also saying that unfortunately, try as we might, writing just doesn’t happen outside of work. That’s been the case for me for the past six months, I think. Or maybe it’s even been more.

No matter how long it’s been since the words were really flowing without having to try, I went through a bit of writer’s guilt. Then not far behind that comes the imposter syndrome, and that can be really hard to claw your way out of.

Instead of penalizing myself for not feeling motivated with my latest concept, I’m trying to refocus on this season, knowing that the inspiration will come back. What I blame for this seemingly endless dry spell are the following (which, aren’t bad things by any means, they just may be to blame for my lack of creative motivation):

My table at the Scituate Farmer’s Market in RI recently!
  • Having a boyfriend (don’t get me wrong, I love him SO MUCH – but it’s like now that I’m finally happy in that area of my life, suddenly I’m lacking the need to escape from monotony by writing a story). I call this the “Taylor Swift syndrome” (you know, when she openly started dating Joe Alwyn and suddenly fans worried all the angst would be gone from her songs, leaving us with nothing but sugary-sweet garbage). I don’t want to lose my angst either!
  • My freelance gigs (as much as I am so grateful to be able to pay off my car as fast as I have been, there’s something really tricky about saving any creative juices for my own work after writing about pest control and personal care products all day).
  • My other interests (in this case, my crocheted art that I make by hand for my vendor shows, as well as my independent guitar studies that have also sadly, fallen quite a bit to the wayside). After I get through all of those things, I feel too tired to sit and craft the story that’s been bumping around in my head for like a year now.

These aren’t meant to be viewed as excuses, but rather a self-awareness tactic to diagnose the issue, and then bring some much-needed balance back to my life. What I would suggest if you find yourself in a similar boat, would be to sit down and make a list of all the things you’re juggling in your life (professional, and otherwise). From there, try and compartmentalize / prioritize the things that you most want to tackle first, and what you feel okay with waiting on for a little while.

And in return, you’ll gain…

  • A renewed sense of self
  • A fresh start
  • Better quality writing
  • More motivation (ironically, but it’s true!)

And if you have the opportunity to enjoy a different facet of your interests for a while besides writing, don’t feel badly about it. Instead, soak up the rest of this summer with all the amazing things that make you unique!

Keep in touch with my latest book signings and art shows via my events page!

Pure Rage Makes for Good Writing Motivation, Apparently.

Don’t get me wrong – writing is also a lot about healing. And that’s exactly what I did with my latest concept The Rewind Duology all about time travel, coming of age, and romance. And oh yeah – the unresolved pain and frustration I had leftover from my less-than-satisfactory grade school years. Obviously, I’m 25 years old now and that feels like a lifetime ago, but this story concept felt like it was on fire inside me. I can’t explain the feeling of having to get a story out or else I was sure I would burst, but that’s how I felt.

As for my next book concept Breakup Queen, I’m having a lot of trouble actually sitting down to write. Sure, I could maybe blame it at least partially on the fact that I’m a professional content writer and editor now, so it’s not unheard for me to spend basically the entire day at my laptop. That’s super draining even though I love it and know I’ll be financially set with this career path someday.

But I later realized, there was another variable as to why I haven’t felt motivated to write this story. Where The Rewind Duology was a burning fire in the pit of my stomach, Breakup Queen was a barely-lit ember. I know my story, I know the characters, I even know the multiple layers I want to add to it.

And yet, there’s something still that’s missing from it. That thing, apparently, is known as rage. In the Rewind Duology, I was so angry at my past, and knew that the only way to heal was to write about it. Part of it also, was that reading and writing romance helped me cope with being single. Well, you know what else? I’m not single anymore – I’m in an extremely committed relationship with my boyfriend and I’ve never been happier.

Throwback to that time I scored press passes to Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour!

So now, it seems the magic is gone with my writing. My real life has, quite literally, gotten more incredible than any story I feel like I could write. I mean, I actually fell in love with the shy, quiet drummer I met in band camp about 11 years ago. Can’t make this shit up! I’m almost like the fans critical of Taylor Swift for writing an album about being happy in a relationship for once. Since she got together with Joe Alwyn, fans were skeptical of her ability to produce an album that hit quite as hard as her angry breakup anthems. But she did – Lover may not be my favorite album of hers, but I thoroughly enjoyed many of the songs on there, and it was nice to see the lighter side of Taylor after the grit and angst of the previous full-length album Reputation.

But back to Breakup Queen… I’m not angry anymore. And I’ve met (or rather, re-met) someone who truly loves me. So what right do I have writing a fake-dating rockstar romance with a bitchy protagonist?

Luckily, creative writing isn’t about obligation – as Simon Cowell on American Idol would say, it’s just indulgent. But that’s entirely the point, and that’s entirely okay. I think I have to take the pressure off writing for myself. Yeah, I do hope to traditionally publish this one, but first, I gotta tell myself the story.

I hate resorting to the typical cliché of “you can’t edit a blank page” but it’s so true! Somehow, some way, I hope to hit some kind of rhythm with my writing where it doesn’t feel like pulling teeth putting words onto the page anymore. It’s not writer’s block, it’s more like a lack of focus and motivation. But at least I’ve diagnosed the issue. It’s funny how much emotions fuel writing – especially when it’s an intense emotion like rage or longing. Now, I have almost everything I’ve ever wanted in life, so it’s hard to be angsty enough to write an angsty character.

Fingers crossed something happens to inspire me soon (but hopefully not, because anything negative would also really suck).

If you’d like to chat about writing or freelancing, drop me a line on my website (I promise I don’t bite). Thanks for reading this far, if you have 💜

P.S. – Come meet me THIS WEEKEND at the Scituate Farmer’s Market in RI (Peep my events page for all the deets on that). Hope to see you there!

Stop Trying to Pour from an Empty Cup: Feed Your Soul

Trust me, I keep learning this lesson the hard way.

It’s so tempting to keep jumping around from task to task.

You can very likely get a lot of different things done this way, but it doesn’t mean it’ll be all that fulfilling. You’ll just burn yourself out and then you’ll be miserable. I go through this cycle all the time, but I’m finally ready to try and break it.

So I said last time too. And in previous blog posts, you might’ve noticed me talk about self-care, taking breaks, etcetera. But you know what I realized recently?

There’s actually a third option besides just being a workaholic and being a couch potato.

Yes, seriously – and it’s called feeding your soul.

It’s not a question of working or taking a break – it’s actually more about doing things that make your heart happy. For me, as a content writer, my work is extremely draining on the creative front, so I recognize that I need to take time for my art as well.

Sure, it might not pay as lucratively as my articles about pest control or personal care items, but there’s something incredibly important about writing things that let your light shine. I have a story that’s been begging to get out for a while. And most importantly, big plans for it once I do.

All that being said, if you’re curious about my other stories that have already been published, you can grab copies of those HERE. They’re a mix of coming-of-age, science fiction, and YA/NA romance.

So now the question is, how do I actually get this done?

Right, of course – because it’s rarely that simple. Without any clear plan, it just won’t. That’s why I’m trying to institute Feed My Soul Fridays. Basically, I won’t do any creative work for clients on Fridays (unless there’s a legitimate urgent need). Otherwise, Fridays are my day to plan, daydream, and work on my story. That’s something that will help balance out my work-life. I also want to keep working on music and studying guitar so I can teach students soon – because that will also feed my soul.

One of my soul-feeding hobbies: amigurumi crochet! Check out my art page for more about these funky characters.

Some easy tips I would suggest to help you start a similar habit would be the following:

  • Spend a day observing your habits – what do you naturally gravitate towards? Even if you can’t drop everything to do that thing in the moment, make a mental note of what you want to do later.
  • Think about your schedule – are there some parts of your typical day or week that are busier, or more open? Try to fit in a bit of these soul-nourishing habits when you find breaks in your schedule.
  • Commit yourself to honoring your body and mind consistently. Maybe it means taking time to read for a while before going to bed no matter how late it is. Following through on the promise you made to yourself is a crucial part of self-care. So don’t disappoint yourself!

If you do all these things, I am convinced your work-life balance will get better.

I wish I could say that I’ve mastered this skill, but full disclosure: I definitely haven’t yet. My hope is that by blogging about it and sharing it with you, maybe these habits will get easier to instill in my own life. So feel free to be an accountability partner for yourself, or anyone else around you that’s clearly pushing themselves too hard. I’m the worst about this, but I’m feeling the effects of not doing that, and it’s definitely not going to pay off in the longterm.

So here’s to a productive, yet fun, soul-nourishing summer. Sink your toes into the sand and live it up, because you’ll never be this young again 😉

Hello Summer, Goodbye Free Time.

As we approach the official-unofficial start to summer, I was just thinking the other day how I used to look forward to this time of year more than any other. I’d be out of school (no more homework – yay), away from the bullies (duh), and could wear whatever I wanted (no dumb private school dress codes at home). Given how amazing this time of year typically is for me, I’m actually going into it this year feeling a bit stressed.

Wait no – that sounds depressing.

I don’t mean this to sound like a total downer, but there are so many different things happening this summer that I didn’t have to juggle back in my school days.

Things like…

  • Freelance blogging
  • Editing
  • Crocheting art for my vendor shows
  • Training to teach guitar
  • And somehow still carving out time with my boyfriend (yep, that’s new – read this post for more on that)

They’re all good things of course – but I’ve learned that not all stress is something negative. In fact, sometimes the best things in life freak us out for totally normal, human reasons. And that’s totally okay! But these particular things are requiring a fair amount of adjusting, so I better step it up and reorganize if I ever want to make any headway on my next book.

It’s not what you do with your time so much as the habits you form.

If you’re like me and plan on nixing your habit of laying in bed until noon, that’s naturally going to free up a lot of your time. So sometimes the little changes you apply to your life make all the difference. Don’t be afraid to celebrate those! I’m learning to listen to my body. When I’m tired, I sleep. When I feel motivated to work, I work. Simple as that! Of course, sometimes there are hard deadlines that I have to hit, either for clients, or for a scheduled art show. But aside from those caveats, I let me body and mind lead the process.

Productive rest is also something I want to get a lot better about.

You know, doing something restful besides mindlessly scrolling through Instagram for the umpteenth time that day. Watch your favorite movie, cook something yummy, go out with friends. There’s so much more to life than what you can do. Instead, think about what you can be.

“Be a human being, not a human doing.”

My Quantum Energy Healer, Dr. Mark Mincolla

This particular mantra has always been the toughest for me to master. But I’d wager that’s largely due to societal pressures that make us feel worthless unless we’re actively producing something. But you’ve gotta remember that there are so many wonderful things you bring to the world just by being yourself. Don’t forget that.

Hopefully you’ll be able to have a restful and productive summer. If you have any tips for striking that perfect balance, feel free to reach out to me in the comments. I’d love to hear what you’ve managed to accomplish despite feeling burnt out like I often do!

Happy summer, everybody. Let’s roll.

P.S. – Add my books on Goodreads if you’d like. That would be pretty cool 😉

Life Moves Fast… Blink, and You’ll Miss It

I always struggle to think up new things to blog about. My life rarely feels all that exciting. Except for when it does. Then, it’s like a deluge of things and my head spins with all the added changes and adjustments. But that isn’t usually a bad thing – no, quite the opposite actually!

In previous seasons of stagnant progress, I often wondered when (or even if) things would ever change for me. And oh boy, did they change. When I graduated from college wondering what I would do for work, I had to network and work hard for over two years until I started getting real paid gigs. But when I recently bought my first-ever brand new car, I had this moment of “holy crap, I’m actually getting somewhere in life now”. You can read more about that experience in this recent blog post.

But to share with you what I mean, I’ll break it down into three categories:

1. I got a boyfriend.

I know, I was shocked too (JK, it was bound to happen eventually because I’m freaking adorable, obviously). But the WAY in which this one happened was so incredibly wild, I’m still processing it even over a month later.

I originally met Adam TEN YEARS AGO in band camp. I was the guitarist, he was the drummer randomly assigned to the same group. We didn’t talk much, but we definitely hung back while the louder, more confident kids led the conversations. Pretty typical for awkward teenagers (and boy were we awkward). In the decade that followed, we mostly lost contact until he hit me up on Instagram a couple years ago and we started chatting again. Then, this past December, Adam was like “hey, I haven’t seen you in forever, want to catch up sometime?” And so I was like, “Sure, why not?” I can always use more friends. I was partially right about that, it just escalated in a way I definitely didn’t expect. It turns out, we have all the same values and energy. It honestly blew my mind how crazy we connected, and just the sheer depth of our conversations. So I recently asked him, “Are you glad I let you out of the friend zone?” And Adam didn’t skip a beat, he just said “I never really saw it that way.” Enough said, we’re adorable and stuff. I definitely chased guitarists too long when I guess it was always meant to be a drummer 😉

2. I’m starting my guitar teaching journey.

Yesterday was a typical Wednesday for me, except for the fact my guitar teacher dropped the news that he was leaving the store to teach elsewhere. So that’s when I finally decided to take the plunge and go for it – it was time for me to finally start the process of applying to teach. He was already helping me with this process on the practical level, but now is the time I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and actually go for it after years of toying with the idea. I’m equal parts terrified and excited, but I know that it will be so fulfilling for me, AND will bring some much-needed structure to my weekly routines.

3. My writing gigs are picking up.

I finally am seeing real progress in my professional work. I have clients that come back to me again and again, as well as a couple larger gigs that bring consistent assignments to me. These are HUGE blessings, and the only drawback I can see is that they’re keeping me from writing my next book because I’m often creatively spent by the time I get to it. But that’s okay – I know the creative process takes time, and that as long as I don’t give up, it’ll all happen the way it’s meant to (as seen in the above points 1-2). Of course, there’s still a long way to go, but there’s something really surreal about seeing your life finally start taking shape the way you’ve always wanted it to.

Where has your life been taking you recently? Share in the comments and let me know how you’ve been. And if you’re ever in the market for creative content writing or editorial work, please drop me a line via my freelance website HERE:

What Was Missing From Other Julie and the Phantoms Articles

In the spirit of bringing one of my favorite shows back from the dead, I’m taking a brief tangent from my typical author blog content to bring you something a little different.

Picture credit to @unsaid_bee

Written by Angelina Singer

In the hopes the streaming platform wakes up to its mortal error, fans of the show are banding together to resurrect this beloved series of love, loss, and tainted hotdogs.

Netflix Original Series Julie and The Phantoms has a lot of heart, (undead) soul, and rock ‘n’ roll. It’s also won multiple Daytime Emmy Awards, besides having a soundtrack with real staying power on the iTunes charts. Kenny Ortega (High School Musical and Descendants) is the director of this musical show about a teenage girl finding music again with the help of a ghost band. Creators of the show, Dan Cross and David Hoge, have also done most of the pre-production and script writing for season two so they were ready for the greenlight – but it never came.

@unsaid_bee on Instagram

There are many variables to consider before renewing a Netflix series. This includes mostly logistical concerns, like coordinating cast scheduling. The show’s ghostly leads Charlie Gillespie (Luke), Owen Patrick Joyner (Alex), and Jeremy Shada (Reggie) have recently shot to stardom – so they’re working on other projects now. Julie and the Phantoms was lead starlet Madison Reyes’ breakout award-winning role (Julie), so she would most likely be thrilled to embody this beloved character once again.

What executives don’t realize, is that fans are getting wiser about how the entertainment industry works. If they’re passionate enough about something, they’ll quickly become experts on the subject – and question loudly when things don’t add up. This is the evolution of an audience and how they pay attention, so that’s why some of the fans have been reaching out to streaming services for answers. One such account provided some information about how shows can get picked up after being cancelled. According to a Disney+ agent, Netflix still owns the show, but given Kenny Ortega’s documented successes with Disney franchises in the past (High School Musical and Descendants), this presents a very real possibility.

This agent also cited a 2019 report from Deadline which stated a Netflix Original will be prohibited from airing anywhere else for a certain amount of time. The exact period of time was not shared, but at least that gives fans a bit more insight on what to expect in the coming months for the fate of Julie and the Phantoms.

Another gem from @unsaid_bee

Media outlets have also been taking notice of the outcry, including TV Fanatics, PopBuzz, PopCulture and What’s on Netflix – and that’s just the American platforms. If we’re talking international, there’s even press coverage on BadTaste (Italy), TeleLoisirs (France), FilmTV, Yahoo DE News, Filmstarts (Germany), and Series em Cena & Cabana do leitor (Brazil). Oh and by the way – it was trending in 43 countries (likely as a result of fan-organized streaming parties). What more could they want to see? The worldwide ripples from this one pebble in the water of limitless media speaks volumes. Your move, Netflix.

To attract even more media attention, FANtoms Emma Suyasa from Australia, alongside Cianna Rees from the UK, Erin Nestor from Maryland (United States), and Selina Hollevoet from Belgium commissioned billboards of performance art centers around the world in support of renewing the show – including an Orpheum whenever possible. Why the Orpheum? It’s the center of Sunset Curve’s unfinished business – the boys were getting ready to play there the night they died. Given its central element of the show, it’s the perfect place to blur the fourth wall and bring this show to the real world. So far, these motivated media marketing mavens have crowdsourced funding for notable billboards like the Sydney Orpheum, as well as a billboard located on the bustling EDSA Road in Manila, Philippines – plus another location across the pond in the UK. This is a truly tangible testament of the show’s worldwide reach. Fans have also had a bit of fun with the billboards, even incorporating a bit of the show’s lingo of “don’t tell me how to ghost” on a venue in Glendale, California named Alex – a flawless representation of everyone’s favorite undead drummer. Mr. Reyes, father of lead starlet Madison Reyes even got in on the fun by snagging a billboard in their local Allentown, Pennsylvania area. There are many more stops of the “Orpheum Tour” that have happened and continue to roll out, which just shows that simply put, people all around the world want this show. And they want it bad.

Click through to see a selection of billboards on the Orpheum Tour!

There’s also a fan-run hub known as – a one-stop shop for all the info about the show and how to win back that coveted season 2. Linked to this website is also one of many petitions via that at the time of this writing, has gleaned almost 170k signatures in support of more good-natured hijinks and heartwarming adventures from this diverse and talented cast. Started by a fan from the Netherlands, this petition embodies the tangible proof that the demographic and geographic reach of this show is unparalleled.

The cast even got to rendezvous with some fans in Paris during Back to the Musical World Convention at the end of 2021 when the cancellation was officially announced. At these meet and greets, fans and cast members both got to witness the surreal emotional impact of this glittering, music-filled gem of a series.

“The atmosphere of having fans from all around the world in one place to celebrate a show we loved was amazing. Even after the news of the cancellation – which had everyone quite upset and in a state of shock – the convention became a celebration of what we had been given by the cast and crew of Julie and the Phantoms. From the interactions I had with the cast, you could tell the actors loved meeting fans, were touched by knowing what an impact the show had, and [were] grateful to the fans of the show. The show came out in a time of need for many people because of [COVID-19] – that’s why so many people relate to it so deeply. I was also able to meet some of my best friends that weekend that I had made from the mutual love of the show, and now I couldn’t imagine my life without them.”

Cianna, United Kingdom

Even on paper, this show has performed quite well, with these accolades to its name:

  • 93% Rotten Tomatoes rating
  • 8.5 IMDb User Rating with 4.5 stars
  • 3 Daytime Emmy Wins (plus 10 additional nominations)
  • 8 other prestigious awards won, including MTV and Imagen

Instead, fans of the show are raising their voices to the rain, making their dream of a second season a reality no matter how many times they relight that spark. They’ve got unfinished business with Netflix and will do anything short of haunting the place to get their favorite cast back behind the camera.

Until then, keep streaming the show on Netflix, and trust that what is lost can be found – it’s obvious.

Article by Angelina Singer

Press contact info:

Instagram / Facebook @angelinasingerauthor


One Mile at a Time, I’m Making Life Happen.

It’s February (or more specifically, the long-awaited TWOS day of 02/22/22) and oddly enough, my life has felt pretty blah the past couple weeks. There were moments of intriguing progress that seemed to be made, and moments of sparks that fizzled out. But you know what? I’ve learned that it is these moments of bland boredom that bring the best opportunities to reflect on progress.

I started out 2022 by buying a brand-new car. Yes, seriously. Like, fresh from the lot, covered in smell-good chemicals, and connected to Apple play (just the way I like ’em). How did I afford this? Well, it was a combination of my freelance work, a smattering of book sales, and longtime saved revenue from my crocheted art business. Point is, I worked my butt off for this car. And it was a lovely consolation prize after getting rejected by yet another crush (now that I know buying a new car makes rejection hurt a lot less, I might file away that technique for the future).

From there, I started hitting the ground running by leveraging my resources (as all good leaders do). I looked at all the publications I’ve been writing for, and figured out ways to make those writing samples work for me. I can’t even tell you all the potential I’ve been able to squeeze out of a recent article I wrote about aromatherapy. There’s also a secret journalism project that I’m not permitted to talk about yet. But it’s really cool and something I’m very passionate about. See? The possibilities are endless – if you know where to look for them.

Then, I started sharing my expertise in my field with others. If you’ve been following me for a while, then you’ll know that I’ve been appearing on as many podcast shows that will have me (and you can listen to them all via my website here). The way I see it, I have learned so much by chasing this particular profession of being a writer. While I have ties in both the publishing and freelance branches of the industry, the lessons I’ve learned are the same, and basically boil down to asking for what you know you’re worth. And then, perhaps the most important part of it, is showing up for your clients and giving them the best of what you have to offer. Sounds simple, right? But it’s so critical to building that client base that you can rely on – then, they’ll rely on you right back!

So where does this all situate me in the coming weeks and months? Hopefully somewhere amazing. And I’m already shifting my focus into that positive attitude – because that’s the key. Haven’t you heard? Whatever you focus on the most expands. For me, that means I’m focusing on my physical and mental health, while making my dreams a reality (and that starts with my next book concept, lovingly dubbed Breakup Queen). So on this TWOSday (and every mundane Tuesday after this one) I’m choosing to focus on only the best and brightest versions of my dreams – and hopefully, you’ll feel empowered to do the same.

If you’re looking for a unique and sassy read to take your mind off things, why not check out my latest time-travel concept? The Rewind Duology is available in paperback, ebook, and audio – and I’m confident that if you love Back-to-the-Future and Sword Art Online, you’ll love this goofy romp of love, liplocks, and lunkheads.

Battling Project Overload: Coffee & Concepts

And no – it’s not a cool science fiction title. This is literally just the story of my life as an overactive busy-brained freelance writer.

My brain is so tired – like all the time. And I’ve found I also don’t retain things as well because of it. So, it’s high time I handle my crazy workload before it gets too big for me to manage. That’s why I really enjoyed my recent conversation with Walt Robillard – Editor in Chief of WarGate Books.

I was fortunate enough to land a spot on his podcast show, Coffee & Concepts, to talk about my books and my writing process. What so many people don’t think of when it comes to interacting with their favorite stories, is the way authors have to weave these narratives from literally nothing. And finding time / motivation to write can be challenging at best and near impossible at its worst.

We talked about what kinds of coffee we like (which is largely frappuccinos and lattes for me), as well as what kind of inspiration I gathered for my latest release of The Rewind Duology. This series is so important to me, because it really took the struggles I experienced as a kid, and flipped them all around. Where I used to feel weak, these books transformed into a triumph – and I’m also donating a portion of the proceeds to KIND Campaign as well!

Giving back to the community is a crucial component of my work – that’s why I love being able to support an amazing charity that I believe in. Alongside my work with high school students who have an interest in getting into the writing field, as well as my work on the Board of Directors for ARIA, it’s been a blessing to donate my time and efforts.

Excerpt from Forgetting What I Couldn’t Remember (The Rewind Duology #1):

“Maybe getting older lets you finally see all sides of the dice – not just the ones that are facing up.” 

Vera Bartlet is a soon-to-be college graduate with absolutely no idea how messy her life is about to become. It’s not just the job search looming on the horizon or her lack of a boyfriend that’s got her stomach in knots – rather, her dad has been missing for almost a decade, and no one knows what happened to him. 

When Uncle Edgar mysteriously arrives back onto the scene, he comes armed with some interesting new ideas about what may have happened to Vera’s dad – and an even more revolutionary idea of how to find him. With nothing short of bending time and space, Edgar sends Vera back in time in the hopes that she might find the clues they need to get her dad home. 

As she sifts through the mangled pieces of reality and her altered memories of middle school drama become jumbled in between truth and fantasy, Vera has to choose which elements of her past should stay in the past, and which she might like to incorporate into her future. Time travel is never simple, and there are always side effects – but in this case, it might just hold the key to finding her dad. Will Vera stay sane long enough to find her dad and make peace with the bullies who made her miserable?

I have plans to start drafting my next concept, but my life has been so chaotic. Here’s hoping things settle down soon. But until then, keep hustling!

What NOT to do as a Writer

2021 is over, and this time of year is always unique since I like to reflect on the previous year, while also thinking ahead of what’s next. And boy oh boy, I have SO MUCH going on it’s insanity. I’ve been on this blog during seasons of quietness (which are equally hard in a different way, I suppose). But this is not one of those seasons.

Since graduating college in 2019, things have been relatively slow-going on the job front… until now. NOW, I’ve got all kinds of kernels in the fire, just waiting to pop. I’m loving my staff writing position with Grove Collaborative, helping high school students chase their own writing dreams, and still freelance editing for clients as well. And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg – I’ve got other gigs on the side that I’m now in the process of culling and organizing.

Point is, life is good. I still don’t have a boyfriend, but life is pretty amazing – and there’s so much more to it than all that. So this month, I wanted to hop on here and share a little bit about what NOT to do – no matter what stage of life you’re in. Positivity is always crucial, and there are so many lessons I wish I learned sooner. Read on for all that and more as I demystify my seemingly-sporadic success (believe me, it all came out of nowhere).

#1: Don’t sell yourself short.

I know, you’ve probably heard this one a million bazillion kajillion times – but hear me out. It’s so easy to look around at your peers and feel like you’re way far behind. But the secret, which I wish I realized sooner, is that you can’t compare timelines with other people. We’re all on the path God planned for us, so you’re much better off just living your best life and trusting His plan.

#2: Don’t expect your life to change overnight.

Gradual changes are much more realistic, and you won’t be able to sustain the new life changes unless they’re gradual anyway. Start by setting yourself up for success by eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, and accepting yourself the way you are. As a good friend taught me, you can’t change your reality until you accept your current one – even if it’s an absolute mess. Jump right in, and find the joy in the uncertainty. After all, that’s what makes life amazing.

#3: Don’t feel like you have to do life alone.

I’m not gonna pretend I know anything about you or your family life, but I’d wager that there are at least some tensions that you’d rather not think about. My family has elements of that too, so believe me – I get it. But what I want you to take from this is that your networking groups are your lifeline (professionally, and sometimes otherwise too). In the job search world, the common adage is “it’s not what you know; it’s who you now”. Not until I got to a few years post-grad did I witness for myself how true that is. Since then, I landed on the very same podcast show that recently hosted Clinton Kelly (yes, the hilariously blunt yet genius lead on TLC’s iconic show What Not to Wear). I met the amazing Liz Theresa through a college classmate who used to work with her. You can listen to my episode of the Liz on Biz podcast HERE, and be sure to check out the more recent episode with Clinton Kelly as well. And know that wild connections can really come out of anywhere. I’ve got a couple other examples of this phenomenon that I’m gonna keep close to the belt for now, but stay tuned for more soon once I have updates 😉

#4: Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Another big thing I did in 2021 was that I launched my freelance website! Go visit

The task of becoming is n0 small matter. If you’re like me whose college years are rapidly speeding farther and farther way in the rearview mirror, but you’re still craving stability and consistency – fear not. It does get better – sure, I’m still looking for it too. But I’ve made MAJOR progress when I compare where I was last year to this year. It’s a marathon, not a sprint – and those small steps are where the magic happens. So celebrate even the small wins, and don’t let anyone make you feel less than amazing for doing just that!

#5: Don’t tolerate negativity from anyone.

More recently, I’ve really cultivated a sense of internal confidence unrelated to what anyone else around me thinks. And man oh man, is it an incredible feeling. I like to describe it as vibrating at a higher frequency than where I used to be – it’s like all my insecurities and social anxiety just exists… below me somewhere. I rose above it with constant awareness and a strong motivation to better myself. And gratitude helps a lot too – when you switch into a mode of thankfulness over grouchiness, more magic happens. I’m seeing, slowly but surely, that mind over matter is so real. Now I just wish I could go back in time and comfort that sad, angry, tired girl in the college counselor’s office who was told she wasn’t good enough for her dream school (I wish I was making that up). I’d also tell her not only did she get into that school, but also got a massive merit scholarship to attend there before graduating Magna Cum Laude. Long story short: most people suck. Don’t give them the time of day when they try to suck your joy and drag you into their poorly-attended pity party.

I did, however, get to sort of go back in time in my latest book concept. If you’re curious, you can read Forgetting What I Couldn’t Remember HERE.

I hope you’re finding yourself somewhere amazing in 2022. And if you’re not yet, maybe this blog post gave you the tools to get there really soon. Whether or not you’re a writer, these are helpful lessons that made a world of difference for me. Love life, live well, and I’ll talk to ya soon 💖