Welcome to Manic Musings of a Punk-Rock Wannabe! (JK, I’m a YA author, LOL)

Some people like to write about what they know, or what they don’t know. Me? I write what I would want to read. Now, I know that may sound like circular thinking to the average person, since I conceivably couldn’t read my own story with fresh eyes as if I was merely the consumer of the book. But that’s exactly what I try to do anyway. I’ve heard from writers more seasoned than I that if you YOURSELF are bored with what you’re doing, then chances are, your readers won’t be into it either.

The subject matter is typically laced with a heavy dose of romantic tension or desire, as I’m totally a hopeless romantic. But that’s not to imply that there aren’t BADASS heroines thrown in there too (I’m not about all that damsel and distress crap). And there’s typically a science fiction element, since that stuff honestly fascinates me (in the thriller, suspense sort of format).

And yes, I take inspiration from real people that I actually know – no use hiding that, LOL. All the best writers will admit to doing it, because it makes it all the more real to them, which allows it to be real to the reader as well. If you see yourself in a book, take it as a compliment that I found you worthy of being written in as a character 😉

If all this intrigues you, I would greatly appreciate it if you’d check out my secondary pages (Links on the side of the page) on Facebook and Amazon (where my books are available to read). And heck, if you really end up liking what you see, a review on Amazon would make my day (honestly, I’m a recent college graduate with a pretty mundane existence – but writing is what keeps me feeling alive and in the moment).

My favorite spot to write, usually between the hours of 10:00pm – 1:00am

Thank you for reading thus far, and I hope you find a bit of yourself in what I write, since there’s such a powerful element in relating to a story in a way that validates your deepest thoughts, dreams, and desires in a whole new way ❤

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