Battling Project Overload: Coffee & Concepts

And no – it’s not a cool science fiction title. This is literally just the story of my life as an overactive busy-brained freelance writer.

My brain is so tired – like all the time. And I’ve found I also don’t retain things as well because of it. So, it’s high time I handle my crazy workload before it gets too big for me to manage. That’s why I really enjoyed my recent conversation with Walt Robillard – Editor in Chief of WarGate Books.

I was fortunate enough to land a spot on his podcast show, Coffee & Concepts, to talk about my books and my writing process. What so many people don’t think of when it comes to interacting with their favorite stories, is the way authors have to weave these narratives from literally nothing. And finding time / motivation to write can be challenging at best and near impossible at its worst.

We talked about what kinds of coffee we like (which is largely frappuccinos and lattes for me), as well as what kind of inspiration I gathered for my latest release of The Rewind Duology. This series is so important to me, because it really took the struggles I experienced as a kid, and flipped them all around. Where I used to feel weak, these books transformed into a triumph – and I’m also donating a portion of the proceeds to KIND Campaign as well!

Giving back to the community is a crucial component of my work – that’s why I love being able to support an amazing charity that I believe in. Alongside my work with high school students who have an interest in getting into the writing field, as well as my work on the Board of Directors for ARIA, it’s been a blessing to donate my time and efforts.

Excerpt from Forgetting What I Couldn’t Remember (The Rewind Duology #1):

“Maybe getting older lets you finally see all sides of the dice – not just the ones that are facing up.” 

Vera Bartlet is a soon-to-be college graduate with absolutely no idea how messy her life is about to become. It’s not just the job search looming on the horizon or her lack of a boyfriend that’s got her stomach in knots – rather, her dad has been missing for almost a decade, and no one knows what happened to him. 

When Uncle Edgar mysteriously arrives back onto the scene, he comes armed with some interesting new ideas about what may have happened to Vera’s dad – and an even more revolutionary idea of how to find him. With nothing short of bending time and space, Edgar sends Vera back in time in the hopes that she might find the clues they need to get her dad home. 

As she sifts through the mangled pieces of reality and her altered memories of middle school drama become jumbled in between truth and fantasy, Vera has to choose which elements of her past should stay in the past, and which she might like to incorporate into her future. Time travel is never simple, and there are always side effects – but in this case, it might just hold the key to finding her dad. Will Vera stay sane long enough to find her dad and make peace with the bullies who made her miserable?

I have plans to start drafting my next concept, but my life has been so chaotic. Here’s hoping things settle down soon. But until then, keep hustling!


What NOT to do as a Writer

2021 is over, and this time of year is always unique since I like to reflect on the previous year, while also thinking ahead of what’s next. And boy oh boy, I have SO MUCH going on it’s insanity. I’ve been on this blog during seasons of quietness (which are equally hard in a different way, I suppose). But this is not one of those seasons.

Since graduating college in 2019, things have been relatively slow-going on the job front… until now. NOW, I’ve got all kinds of kernels in the fire, just waiting to pop. I’m loving my staff writing position with Grove Collaborative, helping high school students chase their own writing dreams, and still freelance editing for clients as well. And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg – I’ve got other gigs on the side that I’m now in the process of culling and organizing.

Point is, life is good. I still don’t have a boyfriend, but life is pretty amazing – and there’s so much more to it than all that. So this month, I wanted to hop on here and share a little bit about what NOT to do – no matter what stage of life you’re in. Positivity is always crucial, and there are so many lessons I wish I learned sooner. Read on for all that and more as I demystify my seemingly-sporadic success (believe me, it all came out of nowhere).

#1: Don’t sell yourself short.

I know, you’ve probably heard this one a million bazillion kajillion times – but hear me out. It’s so easy to look around at your peers and feel like you’re way far behind. But the secret, which I wish I realized sooner, is that you can’t compare timelines with other people. We’re all on the path God planned for us, so you’re much better off just living your best life and trusting His plan.

#2: Don’t expect your life to change overnight.

Gradual changes are much more realistic, and you won’t be able to sustain the new life changes unless they’re gradual anyway. Start by setting yourself up for success by eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, and accepting yourself the way you are. As a good friend taught me, you can’t change your reality until you accept your current one – even if it’s an absolute mess. Jump right in, and find the joy in the uncertainty. After all, that’s what makes life amazing.

#3: Don’t feel like you have to do life alone.

I’m not gonna pretend I know anything about you or your family life, but I’d wager that there are at least some tensions that you’d rather not think about. My family has elements of that too, so believe me – I get it. But what I want you to take from this is that your networking groups are your lifeline (professionally, and sometimes otherwise too). In the job search world, the common adage is “it’s not what you know; it’s who you now”. Not until I got to a few years post-grad did I witness for myself how true that is. Since then, I landed on the very same podcast show that recently hosted Clinton Kelly (yes, the hilariously blunt yet genius lead on TLC’s iconic show What Not to Wear). I met the amazing Liz Theresa through a college classmate who used to work with her. You can listen to my episode of the Liz on Biz podcast HERE, and be sure to check out the more recent episode with Clinton Kelly as well. And know that wild connections can really come out of anywhere. I’ve got a couple other examples of this phenomenon that I’m gonna keep close to the belt for now, but stay tuned for more soon once I have updates 😉

#4: Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Another big thing I did in 2021 was that I launched my freelance website! Go visit

The task of becoming is n0 small matter. If you’re like me whose college years are rapidly speeding farther and farther way in the rearview mirror, but you’re still craving stability and consistency – fear not. It does get better – sure, I’m still looking for it too. But I’ve made MAJOR progress when I compare where I was last year to this year. It’s a marathon, not a sprint – and those small steps are where the magic happens. So celebrate even the small wins, and don’t let anyone make you feel less than amazing for doing just that!

#5: Don’t tolerate negativity from anyone.

More recently, I’ve really cultivated a sense of internal confidence unrelated to what anyone else around me thinks. And man oh man, is it an incredible feeling. I like to describe it as vibrating at a higher frequency than where I used to be – it’s like all my insecurities and social anxiety just exists… below me somewhere. I rose above it with constant awareness and a strong motivation to better myself. And gratitude helps a lot too – when you switch into a mode of thankfulness over grouchiness, more magic happens. I’m seeing, slowly but surely, that mind over matter is so real. Now I just wish I could go back in time and comfort that sad, angry, tired girl in the college counselor’s office who was told she wasn’t good enough for her dream school (I wish I was making that up). I’d also tell her not only did she get into that school, but also got a massive merit scholarship to attend there before graduating Magna Cum Laude. Long story short: most people suck. Don’t give them the time of day when they try to suck your joy and drag you into their poorly-attended pity party.

I did, however, get to sort of go back in time in my latest book concept. If you’re curious, you can read Forgetting What I Couldn’t Remember HERE.

I hope you’re finding yourself somewhere amazing in 2022. And if you’re not yet, maybe this blog post gave you the tools to get there really soon. Whether or not you’re a writer, these are helpful lessons that made a world of difference for me. Love life, live well, and I’ll talk to ya soon 💖

Girl Bossing to the Highest Degree

I’m exhausted just writing this post, but I wanted to check in with you guys before I buckle down for the remainder of the holiday season.

You know those memes about Girl Bossing too close to the sun?

That’s me right now. I’ve literally got a few different paid gigs to juggle, alongside my art business (Custom Crocheted Critters on Instagram if you’re curious). And I’m on the board for my author association (you know, the Association of Rhode Island Authors) coordinating their volunteers for the big expo THIS WEEKEND (December 11th). And on top of that, I’m also mentoring a couple high school seniors interested in the writing and journalism fields. So short answer: that’s a lot. I love all of it, but it’s got me pretty stressed lately.

What I’m doing to mitigate the effects of such a packed schedule is the following:

Me at one of my recent book signings – a nice warm up for next week’s ARIA Author Expo!
  • Listening to my body: When I feel tired, I rest. Sounds simple, but it’s way underrated. And rest doesn’t always mean sleep! Sometimes it’s as simple as curling up with a good book instead of working myself to exhaustion.
  • Minimizing my carb intake: This is something I’ve definitely spoken about before, and I don’t do it perfectly. But small changes like swapping out a midnight bag of chips for a protein shake are huge.
  • Advocating for what I’m worth: Yes, in the freelancing world, there are countless smaller gigs that are fine for beginners who need to pad their resumes. But you know what? I’m now an expert in my field with a resume a mile long. And this is because I spent the last few years post-grad honing my skills. I’ve learned a lot, and now I’m quite literally, worth more. So I charge accordingly.
  • Constantly working on myself: This is as simple as tracking my mindsets and fixing them. Not that it’s necessarily easy, but there is so much you can do to enrich your life by taking up journaling. Self-awareness is where it’s at, so start creating the life you want instead of complaining about it all. My faith in Jesus has also been a major part of this. Feel free to reach out anytime if you’d like to know more about that!
  • Exercising regularly: Okay, this is one I’m actually still working on, but I typically love going to yoga class weekly. And walking the dog counts, right? Lilly appreciates the chance to sniff around the neighborhood and handle her outdoor business.

These aren’t one-size-fits-all suggestions, but I do believe they can help you live your best life.

Over time, you’ll create new habits – and what better time to do that, than at the end of the year? That’s right – I too keep forgetting that 2021 is virtually over. But that’s kind of perfect, since my book is called Forgetting What I Couldn’t Remember. And no – it’s not about senility. I’m only 24, after all!

It’s actually about the intriguing way that trauma affects how memories are stored, and the way we have to work through that to be our best.

My character, Vera, deals with all of this alongside time travel, old bullies, and new romance. Want to dive in?

Read more about this book (and all my other ones) on my website.

Wherever you find yourself this holiday season, I truly hope you take time for you! There is so much to be grateful for, as long as you take the time to remind yourself.

If you’re still shopping for any readers in your life, may I suggest some books? Mine are somewhere in between sci-fi and romance, with a dash of sass and sparkle.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a lovely holiday season!

ComicCon 2021 Recap – Panels and Photo Ops!

Hey there fam, if you’ve been here for more than a minute, you know that I’m an author, editor, journalist, and overall creative person. So obviously, spending a weekend at ComicCon is a natural extension of who I am as a person. The costumes are always wild and sometimes hilarious, and it’s a great platform to boost my sales skills.

What most people probably don’t tell you about ComicCon is that it’s a crap ton of yelling at people in the hopes they stop their mad dash and talk to you. This is much easier said than done, but luckily for me, I have the most sales-oriented dad who views it as a kind of sport. You know, take your regular proud dad and just multiply it by decades of sales experience, and that’s my dad! He’s so helpful to have around. Even another author in my association joked they should commission him to help other authors sell books!

My author friends are so supportive and cheer me on (amidst some healthy competition too, of course)! I feel so blessed to know so many amazing people that share the same passion for writing that I do. I was even invited to speak on a couple panels about worldbuilding and diversity – always a fun opportunity to further connect with readers! I loved when people would sit through our talk and then come chat with me later. Easy way to feel like a celebrity for the day.

Speaking on a panel at ComicCon with my writer friends!

I‘m super humbled that people even take the time to read my work at all. I know that sounds so self-deprecating and stuff, but genuinely it’s just an incredible honor. And my favorite thing ever is when someone says “oh, I bought books from you last time and loved them!” That part never gets old, let me tell you. But I think the key to staying grounded, no matter how much success I find, is that you never can know where these interactions will lead you. I’ve met people that work in editing who are interested in my book, as well as guys who are interested in well… me. That last bit is cute but equally, if not more surprising, than the former, LOL.

Hopefully next year I can see you at Rhode Island ComicCon (or, maybe even Boston ComicCon, if I can get my association on board to go in together on some of those exorbitant table fees). But if you simply can’t wait until then, catch me at the Annual Rhode Island Author’s Expo on December 11th at Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI. You can read more about that on the event website. But until then, have a wonderful Thangksgiving and time with your families!

That being said, if you’re ever looking for something to read, you should totally do that HERE. My stories are largely based on real people (as I mentioned in my author panels), but they’ve also helped me heal. To read more about that, take a peek at one of my past blogs more about that.

Rhode Island ComicCon is BACK!

See you there THIS WEEKEND (November 5-7). Seriously. I know, I’m stoked too.

After a seemingly endless time without fun things like mega shows and networking events, the fog has cleared and we’re BACK, BABY.

Ugh it’s going to be SO MUCH FUN. I’ll be speaking on a panel and signing books for you. And I’m doing a little raffle too, but you gotta follow my Instagram page to read about it…

Being an author is typically a solitary job. Like there’s just not a lot of socializing when you’re bent over your laptop all day. But that’s okay – definitely the name of the game. But the REAL FUN happens when events like ComicCon come around again. It’s just crowds of new readers flying through that you can meet and form new connections with. I love it, even if I know people that wouldn’t vibe so well in large crowds like that.

Me at Rhode Island ComicCon in 2019 (RIP to the magenta hair LOL).

If you’re relatively new to the whole idea of ComicCon, you might find this recent article I wrote for Inkitt to be helpful (especially if you’re selling books like I am). Selling books (or really anything) in this format requires a certain level of excitement and energy that definitely drains you FAST. If you don’t take care of yourself throughout the ordeal, you’re gonna feel the effects of it. But it’ll stretch your people skills farther than you ever thought possible! And I am so looking forward to meeting more new readers.

I’ve published not one but TWO new books since I’ve last been at ComicCon. It’s true! And I am SO PROUD of The Rewind Duology. This book series challenged me in ways I didn’t expect, because it documented me healing from past frustrations and growing up in real time. As you read it, you’ll see the evolution for Vera from a frustrated college-aged adult to a badass vigilante who learns how to forgive. And yes, those two things can exist at the same time. I’m living proof of that.

As the holiday season looms just around the corner, I’m so excited to meet so many new readers and share my stories with others. Hopefully I’ll see you at Rhode Island ComicCon this upcoming weekend – but if not, thank you for your online support. Here’s to more bookish goodness in the coming months 🙂

P.S. – Have you seen my new website yet? Ugh, I am SO PROUD OF THIS ONE. Please take a look, and then let me know what you think!

“Diamond Heart” x The Rewind Duology

“The most beautiful things can come from the hardest times.”

Madilyn Bailey

Just like you may have seen in The Rewind Duology, the idea of a character interacting with her younger self is present in Madilyn Bailey’s new music video. Of course, this is a bit more voyeuristic of a style, in that she’s more watching over her younger self – but the nostalgic feeling is the same! Just like my character, Vera, Madilyn was an outcast as a kid, but that didn’t stop her from accomplishing amazing things later – namely, being a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent (in addition to garnering millions of views on YouTube).

I love seeing art like this that directly relates to my work, because it becomes a great tool to layer my own writing up against. It also proves to me that the things I’m working on matter to people, because other people are writing about issues like bullying too. What it comes down to, is that you cannot ever let people put you in a box – break out of that shit and get moving. You’re better now than you’ve ever been!

This song is so powerful, seriously – check out these lyrics:

“I took all the sticks and stones
All the blows and bricks they throw
Everything that ever gave me scars

All the hurt and bridges burned
Every word and lesson learned
And turned it into art
And in time built a diamond heart.”

As cliché as it may seem to say, it is those experiences that are tough at the time, but they make us who we were always meant to be.

In my books, Vera has to grapple with her past alongside her present moment to be her best self – and that includes going head to head with her old bullies, but now as an adult. The Rewind Duology is something that I am incredibly proud of, and I’m so humbled to be able to give a portion of the proceeds to KIND Campaign to prevent bullying in school. Might as well do some real-world good with my pain, right?

My new business cards, signifying the new era of my freelancing career! And I am SO EXCITED.

But honestly, I’ve already healed so much. I am so grateful for the lessons I learned. If I wasn’t forced to make due with being by myself for as long as I did, I probably wouldn’t have been half as motivated to make something great of myself. That’s why I’ve really thrown myself into freelancing more recently – and that has been so incredibly fulfilling for me!

So case in point – even if life ends up looking different than you originally expected it to be, you can still make something beautiful out of the cards you’ve been dealt. Don’t believe me? Watch “Diamond Heart” by Madilyn Bailey HERE.

If you’d like to read or listen to The Rewind Duology, you can access it on Amazon / Audible HERE. And if you’d like to meet me at one of my upcoming events, you can view those on my website!

Liz on Biz Podcast Appearance and 1.2k Followers?!

Just when I think things are about to settle down, they always seem to ramp up again, LOL. I spent this past weekend selling a ton of my books at Burrillville Arts Festival in RI – which was super fun! It never gets old meeting other creative people and bringing new readers into my work. I know summer is pretty much over, but I’m always the last to put the shorts and crop tops away for the season. Maybe if I add the flannel (like in this picture) I can wear them longer?

I also wanted to pop on here to firstly, say thank you for 1.2 followers on Instagram (like seriously, what even is that?!?). You guys are amazing. If you haven’t seen my page because you’re new here, you can access it HERE. And you just might hear about a giveaway I’m doing soon… so it’s worth your while!

The second big thing I wanted to talk about here is that my good friend Liz Theresa invited me onto her entrepreneur podcast recently, and my episode just aired today! Ugh, it was SO MUCH FUN and I am so grateful to be given another platform on which to share my life and my creativity. You can listen to that episode HERE.

Listening to my segment now reminded me of how far I’ve come as an author and freelancer. Not only am I happier (and busier) than I’ve ever been, but I’m finally stepping into my full potential. It took years of healing and mindful adjustments, but I got there – and you can too! So if you have a spare few minutes, take a listen. We discussed…

🌸 balancing sense of self with personal branding
🌸naming your fears so they don’t eat you alive
🌸 where I got my story inspiration

So no matter where you are in life or what you want to accomplish, I think there’s something in here for you that could make all the difference! B sure to let me know if it helped you! At the very least, I hope that the lessons I’ve learned in my life can help others avoid frustrating things. Because then you’ll have your own struggles, but at least they won’t be the same as mine. Life sure is fun, isn’t it? LOL.

Regardless of all this, I am so humbled by your support. Please do pop by one of my upcoming events, which you can find on my events tab @!

What are your upcoming plans for this fall? Anything in particular you’d like to tackle? Tell me in the comments! Stay well, live your best life, and if you see me at one of the aforementioned book signings, don’t be shy – come say hello!

Late-Summer Job Updates – Stepping into the Sunshine

I know I’ve dropped the ball a little in the blogging department – sorry about that! It’s been a really unique season of change for me – which is obviously a really great thing! Regardless, I still hope to be more present on here to chat with you. It means a lot to me that you’re here, and I never want to take that for granted.

From my recent book signing at The Looff Arts Festival in Riverside, RI

So here’s the lowdown: You may know that in addition to being a published author, now with SIX BOOKS on Amazon, I’ve also been a freelance editor and music critic. These gigs are usually far and few between… until now. More recently, I’ve really hit my stride by partnering with brands and companies I care about (like KIND Campaign for my anti-bullying time travel fiction, and Dash of Social for copyediting). I’ve also started doing some copywriting work for my favorite YouTube cover band ever First to Eleven (they play amped-up versions of favorite rock and pop songs). Plus, I finally launched my own website, which is

Long story short – I know it’s cliché, but I’m here to tell you: don’t give up. Ever. I know you’ve probably heard that from everyone and their grandma, but it’s true! I graduated from college in 2019 with an English degree I had no idea what to do with. I had some small gigs here and there, but nothing that I could live off of. It was so disheartening to leave school with absolutely no idea of what to do with my life. That is, until I found L’Abri Collective – a very exclusive ghostwriting coalition that hired me onto their team of writers. It’s an incredibly holistic approach to collaboration which frankly, I never knew existed in the professional world of cut-throat desperation and frustration. So now not only do I have all that going on, but I also still have my smaller reviewing gigs and fun stuff on the side. It’s a really amazing opportunity that will grow as much as I want it to.

Quote from Forgiving What I Couldn’t Change

Sure, it might take a little longer for my books to take off, but that’s okay. I have big plans for those too. Ideally, I hope to pitch my newest fake-dating rockstar romance concept to an agent who can get me into a big 3 publisher. If that happens, then I would think my other books will get some extra readers as well. All in God’s timing of course – as I’ve already seen with my professional life as well.

So I’m heading into the fall happier and more well-adjusted than I’ve ever been. I’ve got some good work to keep me busy and productive, amazing friends and family who love and support me, and, big dreams to keep me motivated. I’m also training to teach guitar lessons on the side, so I guess in many ways, I’ll always have a full plate. But honestly, that’s how I like it! My latest audiobook is in the works now, and should be available for your listening pleasure in a matter of a couple months. My narrator is truly the best – to hear her work on book one of my time-travel duology, access Forgetting What I Couldn’t Remember HERE.

Recent shopping trip where I found a trinket VERY similar to The Lacune Diamond (item in The Rewind Duology).

That isn’t to say that my life is perfect – far from it, actually. I’m still trying to balance all my skills and interests in a way that allows me to maintain a healthy work-life balance. And I think that will take a bit to develop – but that’s all part of the process. I’m also still very, very single. And I don’t talk about that often enough. But guys in this age group are usually really immature (most of the time – there are some exceptions, of course). It’s finding those exceptions that’s the hard part. But I’m leaving all aspects of my life in God’s hands – He’s never scared me wrong yet.

Thank you for all your continued support, and I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to this summer or what your hopes and dreams are. Drop me a line anytime!

Fourth Of July, Fresh Paperbacks, and Updates!

Hello friends,

It’s great to hear from you. First and foremost, Happy Fourth of July. It’s been a crazy year, with lots of stress on all sides. But I’m praying for brighter and better days ahead. So far, it looks like events this summer will be in full swing, and I’ll be out and about chatting with my amazing readers in person before I know it. How sweet is that?

I’ve also been busy hustling on a few different accounts. These endeavors include:

  • Publishing Forgiving What I Couldn’t Change (Book 2 of The Rewind Duology, which you can access HERE.) And I now have paperbacks that you can get directly from me if you want them signed – just respond
  • Building a website (YES, seriously – I hired a fantastic designer my cousin knows from college, and we’re going to have something really incredible to show you super soon).
  • Coordinate events for the summer, including YA Thriller Con happening remotely on July 9th (Madeline Dyer from Instagram is organizing this, so reach out to her for updates if you’re curious on how to tune in).
  • Working on new freelance opportunities, like writing for Go Local Providence. Stay tuned for updates on that – but I’m super excited to write music and book reviews for their site!

So yes, it’s been quite a bit of a lot lately. But I’m so grateful for all your support and am looking forward to sharing my newest story with you!

Hope you’re having an amazing holiday weekend. Be well, and I’ll talk to you soon.


Angelina Singer