The pale green glow emanating from underneath the thinnest skin on your wrist is calling you… To THE SORTING ROOM.

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Now’s your chance to grab a copy of my YA romantic comedy, “Just Like a Pill”, by following my author page on Amazon. Here’s a quick synopsis if you’d like to see what it’s about: IMG_1379

When Scarlett gets a sinus infection the week before Homecoming, she never knew that she would be plunged deep into a tangled mess involving the hunky guitar player, Maxx, who goes to her school. She quickly develops a mysterious side effect that appears to cause Maxx to be instantly attracted to her. With her health-freak fashionista friend Izzy by her side, Scarlett searches desperately to find answers about the sketchy “antibiotics” that she took to combat her symptoms. The time clock is set to one week, and between dodging the fiendish escapades of the high school “it-girl” who dates Maxx, as well as the feeble advances of nerdy Greg, Scarlett has to figure out what’s real and what’s not before anyone she cares about gets hurt.

It’s available on Amazon and Kindle, BUT you can enter into a drawing NOW to win one paperback, or one of ten digital editions of “Just Like a Pill”. The giveaway is only live until August 2nd, so get to it now! And if you love it, reviews on Amazon are always appreciated 🙂

The idea behind this story is a rather deep philosophical idea about whether or not love can or must be real – ie., is attraction ever enough? Scarlett gains the attention of the hot rocker boy she’s been crushing on, but as wise Rumplestiltskin on ABC’s Once Upon a Time would state: “Magic always comes with a price, dearie”.


Enter THE SORTING ROOM on July 31st!!!

My newest release is coming out in just a few days, and I could not be any more excited!!! It is available for preorder digitally for Kindle, and the paperback will be available on 7/31. Below, is a quick taste of what it’s about:

Who decides where we are born and who we love?

Luna is an immortal entity in the Upperworld learning how to assign human souls to the body and life they’re intended for. Onyx is her mentor and guide there, teaching her everything she needs to know about assigning souls and dispatching them to Earth. Everything goes well until Luna’s friend makes a major mistake and Luna is sent to Earth after covering for her. In her absence, an unbelievable secret is revealed that changes everything she thought she knew about how the world works. Will Luna survive long enough on Earth to fix things? Or will she succumb to the pressures and pitfalls of living life as a human girl before the entire system unravels?

If you like science fiction, with a bit of a romantic and suspense element, I highly suggest this book (even though I might be a TINY bit biased). It is book one of a trilogy, with book two slated to be released sometime in early to mid 2018!