Forgiving What I Couldn’t Change RELEASES TOMORROW!

Tomorrow, my sixth book gets launched into the world. Being that this isn’t my first rodeo, so to speak, I always think about how weird it is to publish a story. Like, you pour your whole heart into this thing, just to slap a $2.99 ebook price on it and hope that someone deigns to spend their hard-earned cash on your emotional journey.

Okay, that definitely came out way more cynical than I really intended, but hear me out: writing a story is no small matter. Especially, one as big and important to me as this one.

The Rewind Duology came about as a result of me still trying to work through the bad emotional patterns I sustained as a result of chronic bullying as a kid. My bullies were kids with significant psychological and emotional issues. And as I’ve become an adult, I’ve become privy to some knowledge about them that definitely shed some light on their situations.

That doesn’t make it right – but it does make it make a little more sense than it used to, perhaps.

Regardless, the first book of The Rewind Duology was Forgetting What I Couldn’t Remember – and that was a coming-of-age time travel. My character, Vera, went back in time to find her dad, who was trapped in a virtual reality world. So in book 2, Forgiving What I Couldn’t Change… Vera gets stuck in that very same virtual reality world. 

This is a picture of my dad and I from today – Vera’s dad is modeled a lot after him!

It’s really interesting to reflect on all this, because the sequel almost didn’t happen. About two weeks before I published the first book, I got this wild idea of a way to continue the story – not just in the VR world, but in Vera’s life as well. Because after all – there’s still her friends Willow and Zander, her brother Jet, and her – well, whatever the heck Alex is to her these days. 

I’m so excited about this latest and final installment of The Rewind Duology, and I really hope you love it as much as I loved writing it. But most importantly, I hope it shows you how healing truly isn’t a linear process – and the key to getting there, is embracing the journey – with all its twists and turns – as long as it takes. 

READ The Rewind Duology HERE:

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 – Angelina Singer


Want a Sneak Peek of My Newest Book?

Forgetting What I Couldn’t Remember (Book 1 of The Rewind Duology) has been available to purchase since February, but since I haven’t been able to schedule any in-person events in all that time due to the ongoing concerns surrounding the virus, I figured I’d pitch it to you on here. As you may know, I very rarely do this – I’ve found that my followers place a greater value on tips and tricks I’ve learned in the writing biz over promos of my work.

One of my amazing friends holding her copy of my newest book – and she even matched her makeup to the colorful cover designed by Gracie Knight!

But desperate times call for desperate measures. So, perhaps you’ll consider humoring me and taking a peek? Here’s an excerpt from one of my favorite scenes:

“Wait, you mean you haven’t kissed anyone besides me, ever?” His eyes were a bit bloodshot at this point, but they pierced mine with the same intensity as they might’ve if they were well rested.

I lifted my head off of his shoulder just enough to be able to shake my head. It wasn’t something I felt comfortable verbally admitting, almost as if the act of saying the words would make them all the more true.

“Oh man, Vera, I’m sorry I’m such a pathetic loser who can’t respect his friends better than this.” His head landed in his hands, which rested on his propped-up knees. “Dammit. I just, man. I wanted better than this for myself. And for you.”

Alex quietly sobbed while I just sat there with my arms around him, my heart breaking where it was nearly going to explode mere minutes ago. I’m a firm believer that some people are in your life for different reasons. Even if those reasons seem similar sometimes, they really might not be. And I was working on being okay with that.

“Shh, it’s okay. You’re okay, I’m okay. Don’t worry about me. I’m sorry you’ve been carrying this for so long.” I felt myself calming down a bit as the realization that this reaction he was having wasn’t because of anything I did – but rather, it was a flashback to our shared and very complicated past. Maybe he was starting to realize how much our awful school experience had affected him even now. To be honest, I was starting to notice the same thing in myself. The poison pumped into our young veins seemed to linger in our bloodstreams long after we moved onto high school and college. And there might be parts of us that will always resent those very frustrating things that happened to us.

If this caught your attention, I’ll attach the link to the full book HERE available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook forms.But no pressure of course! I just think it’s fun to share things that get me feeling enthusiastic about my work. After all, it’s hard to keep your confidence up without feedback (in this drought of in-person events and interactions). So thank you for being here, and for taking an interest in my work ❤

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Battling Writer’s Block Amidst Crisis Fatigue: Three of My Best Tips to Stay Motivated

I’m tired of it all. Being at home, feeling bored (even though I always seem to have a million things to do somehow), and watching the world freak out perpetually without an end in sight. Regardless, it’s really freaking hard to keep working on my book (my current WIP in a sequel to my last release, which is extra challenging for me since I have to carry the cadence and themes from book one while still introducing new twists and ideas). My previous release was a time travel coming of age romance which you can find on Amazon HERE if that might interest you.

Regardless, the sequel has been tough for me to sit down and write, so here’s some stuff I’ve been trying in order to get myself back on  track (and I’m literally doing these now because ya girl be struggling).

#1: Write something that’s not your WIP

A random journal entry, a song, or in my case, lots of music articles. I’ve been interning and freelancing for a few years now, writing music and concert reviews for Boston Sports Desk and more recently, Rhode-Island based Motif Magazine. Since I’m a musician as much as I am a writer, I genuinely enjoy writing about music in a professional setting. And lately, my articles have been getting literally thousands of views, which is pretty awesome even if I have no real idea how it happened, LOL. But regardless, using your brain for something besides your story is a great way to get the wheels turning in a new way that should free up the ideas again (hopefully).

If you’re a music nerd like me, you can read my Boston Sports Desk Articles and my Motif Magazine debut online with these embedded hyperlinks 🙂

#2: Write something that IS your WIP

What I mean by this is, don’t be afraid to skip ahead to that scene you’ve been so excited to write but couldn’t get to yet. Indulge that passion and let your mind roam free. After all, no one said you had to write your scenes chronologically! Besides, I’ve found that by getting that exciting scene out of your head and onto your computer (or notebook, if that’s your vibe) lets your brain recharge itself and refocus on the sightly more taxing scenes. Overall, just be nice to yourself! It’s a tall order building a story and a world out of nothing. Don’t force it, just let it flow.

#3: Watch / Read something you like

Easiest trick in the book – step away and hang out with Netflix for a bit. It could also be helpful to pick shows that fit the genre you’re hoping to write in – that way you can visualize your ideas better while observing how the pros build characters and plot lines that keep even the pickiest viewers engaged and eating out of the palm of their hands. I’m about to dive into the second season of Umbrella Academy, and even though it’s not super relevant to my YA/NA contemporary romance style, it does have the time travel going for it, so at least I can use it for that. In reality, I’d say Outer Banks was maybe closer to my writing style (which I absolutely recommend, by the way).

Outer Banks is an awesome show but, I mean, the eye candy’s not bad either haha 😉

Regardless, just roll with wherever your mind takes you. You can’t build something new until you let your mind rest, and this usually helps me a lot (I say “usually” because nothing is guaranteed of course, but these tips certainly can’t hurt to try). 

Thank you for being here, and supporting this little blog. I hope these thoughts are helpful! Leave comments below and tell me what you’ve been working on – let’s support each other as writers from wherever we are 🙂

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