Where Creativity Meets Grief: Managing Emotions in the Wake of Loss

Hello friends,

As you may have already known from my social media posts, I lost my grandfather about a week ago. His funeral was yesterday, and I’m still feeling super numb honestly. This isn’t the first time I’ve lost a family member, but it’s the first time I lost someone who I was really close to. My Nono was my prayer buddy, biggest supporter, and best friend. I loved him with all my heart, and I noticed that he was often there for me in ways that even my parents couldn’t fully be.

Nono proudly in front of his “jewelry shop” of fruit that boosted sales significantly in his store!

We had music in common – as an accomplished musician who plays guitar, bass, and mandolin (which he had gifted to me a few months ago while he was still around), he would always chat about that stuff. He’d always tell me “never stop, honey” and “you’ll be just fine, Sweetie”. A big ol’ softy with a gruff exterior, my Nono was truly special, and will be so missed. He touched so many lives, and at the service yesterday, I was absolutely dumbfounded by the amount of people who showed up from his the grocery store where he worked in the produce department part time. They all adored him – friends, neighbors, even his boss loved him so much. Needless to say, she was in tears a bit too, so I reached out to her encouraging her to stay in touch with our family, as she had known Nono for so long.

We even had a really nice reception afterwards, and it was so nice to get to chat with family and friends some more. And I recruited my cousins from the other side of the family to play some songs for him (specifically, I got to choose “Words I Would Say” by Sidewalk Prophets, which I highly recommend you listen to HERE – it’s all the things that my Nono would always say to me, so I dedicated it to him at his funeral: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8t9u-LOa3OI)

This was the view from the reception venue – a super nice country club in a fancy outdoor tent. The Boston skyline was visible, and my mom put cute little cardinals in the centerpieces because they were Nono’s favorite bird.

I was telling my mom that it would be cool to go to his work and chat with people some more, and maybe even the coffee shop where he frequented for breakfast every morning. In the wake of loss, I think it’s so important to feel closer to that person by thinking about and doing the things they loved.

So now, I gotta take the time to grieve, but I’m also itching to get back into my writing groove (which I did, shortly before he passed very suddenly). It’s that balance that’s so weird, because I feel this gaping hole in my life now, but I haven’t cried a lot about it. I don’t feel obligated to cry, of course, but I do really want to get it out of my system somehow. But I also don’t want to forget him. Somehow, I gotta carry my Nono with me as I live the rest of my life without him. And that’s the trickiest part, in so many ways.

Do me (and yourself) a favor, and hug your loved ones please. No one knows how long they have in this life. I know for a fact that my Nono is with Jesus now, because he believed on Him as his Savior and accepted His free gift of salvation (John 3:16), but it’s still really sad. I’m trying to rejoice that he’s with my Mére (grandmother) now, but I really will miss him so much.

A recent picture of me and Nono ❤

Thank you for reading this long, drawn-out post. I’m going to try to resume the fun novel content soon, but wanted to update you on why I’ve been a bit quiet more recently.

In the meantime, why not check out my existing books on Amazon? Hopefully those can tide you over until I create new content. Thank you for being here, and for supporting me always ❤

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