UPDATED bookstore carriers :)

Just in case I haven’t clarified before, the following three bookstores carry BOTH The Sorting Room and Just Like a Pill:

  • An Unlikely Story (Plainville, MA)
  • Paperback Junction (Easton, MA)
  • Annie’s Book Stop (Raynham, MA)

Stop by anytime to grab a copy and avoid paying for shipping costs 😉

But, if shipping costs aren’t a concern, you can still get a copy of either book on Amazon:

ORDER “The Sorting Room” HERE 

ORDER “Just Like a Pill” HERE

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In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this delightful photo of me meeting the amazing Tony Diterlizzi, one of my favorite science-fiction authors…


Book Reviews Welcome!!! :)

If you’ve read “Just Like a Pill” and/or “The Sorting Room”, I would surely appreciate an Amazon review!!! Doesn’t have to be anything terribly verbose or philosophical, even something borderline zany like this is perfectly fine:


I mean honestly, whatever floats your boat! I really appreciate hearing your thoughts!!! And this one made me smile, because it’s just really, really unique. I mean heck, while I’m at it, how about I say, the more unique, the better?? Ha ha. You do you, people. It’s all good ❤

If you’ve forgotten where you can grab a copy of my books, here are the links again:

Imaginative book trailer for “Just Like a Pill”

I made this kind of fun book trailer for Just Like a Pill to get a chance to illustrate the people I imagined while writing it! Please feel free to check it out, and buy the book on Amazon to get the full effect 😉

I do not own any of the music or images, I only put them together (all credit to Taylor Swift and Google images, LOL).

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Scarlett, as seen in “Just Like a Pill”

Ever wondered what Scarlett, the iconic heroine of “Just Like a Pill” was meant to look like? Here’s how I imagined her in the story about her falling for a guy who likes her back, but may be under the influence of a love-potion type pill:

20294429_1556086517763925_1235310224794722153_nSee that smirk and side-ways glance??? She’s crushing. Bad. It’s unfortunate it might not be real… or is it?!?!

You can get a copy of “Just Like a Pill” on  Amazon now and find out for yourself: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1533537941/ref=nav_timeline_asin?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

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