Audiobook Promo Code Reminder + Heart Concert Review

Hello friends! As you may know, the audiobook for The Sorting Room (book 1 of The Upperworld Series) is now available on Amazon, audible, and iTunes! I am so excited that my readers can now listen to my story being read by the amazing Valerie Cirillo while they go about their lives (as I know lots of folks prefer to multitask while they enjoy a good story). So now, they can!

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Here’s a brief synopsis, and if that interests you, just ask me for a PROMO CODE so you can nab an audiobook for FREE! Yes, seriously, free. Just agree to review it and it’s all yours:

Who decides where we are born and who we love?

Luna is an immortal entity in the Upperworld learning how to assign human souls to the body and life they’re intended for. Onyx is her mentor and guide there, teaching her everything she needs to know about assigning souls and dispatching them to Earth. Everything goes well until Luna’s friend makes a major mistake and Luna is sent to earth after covering for her. In her absence, an unbelievable secret is revealed that changes everything she thought she knew about how the world works. Will Luna survive long enough on Earth to fix things? Or will she succumb to the pressures and pitfalls of living life as a human girl before the entire system unravels?

Sound good to you? Grab a copy here or ask me for a free promo code: Paperbacks and kindle copies are available here too. Thank you for your interest in my stories 😉

img_5866-2.jpgOn an unrelated note, you can find my latest concert review on Heart’s Love Alive Tour here (since I write for the Boston Sports Desk when I’m not penning the great American novel). It was an insanely good show and I definitely recommend catching them on this tour if you can:

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Magna Cum Laude graduate who studied English, Music, and of course, Creative writing. For me, writing is an escape as well as a coping mechanism.

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