Author’s day off: an interview with 3/5 of pop punk band Story Untold

I recently got to see one of my favorite bands live, and even scored a brief interview with them! Janick, Aiden, and Jonathan were kind enough to chat with me a bit for my Boston Sports Desk article coverage while they toured with MAKEOUT and Handguns.

If you’re into the pop punk genre, I highly recommend this band. Not only are their tunes catchy as all heck, they also are genuinely nice people! Check out my interview with these talented guys here:

Also, here’s the full concert review from the show:

Novel update: I am currently in production for my next book, which will be a YA time-travel. Stay tuned for updates on that, so far I’m about two chapters in, so it’s got a long way to go.

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Author: Angelina Singer

Magna Cum Laude graduate who studied English, Music, and of course, Creative writing. For me, writing is an escape as well as a coping mechanism.

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