What’s cooler than an indie author? Indie authors collaborating ;)

As you may know, I have authored 4 novels myself (Just Like a Pill and all three installments of The Upperworld Series). But through the wonders of Facebook, I have had the pleasure of meeting another fantastic author (and person too)! His name is Joel (professionally known as J. S. Spaulding), and we’re both in college trying out this crazy writing gig on our downtime. After over a year of talking and becoming really good pals, we both realized that our demographics (and chosen genres) are relatively similar. BUT we both had very different skill sets. So what happened next? Well, he helped me write a really epic fight scene in The Fall of Zephyr (because I utterly suck at that), and I offered a little feminine intrigue to some more emotional romance scenes that he wanted some input for in his scifi novel, Terith.


Oh yeah, by the way, Terith went live on Amazon just a couple weeks ago. And let me tell you, it is FANTASTIC. He was sweet enough to list me as the editor, since I ended up volunteering to read some early drafts and format the book (since I have more experience doing it). But to clarify, this is his brainchild – a fantastically futuristic realm filled with plasma weaponry and a power-hungry control freak army. Sound good? Well actually, it’s freaking great. Peep the synopsis below:

“If the Terithian people could be described as a small child or lonely lamb, then SWARM would be a hungry lion, lustfully licking its teeth.”
A small group of people journeyed from Earth to the planet Terith hoping for a more peaceful life. No one foresaw the divisions that would manifest between those who wanted to encourage growth and prosperity for all and those who wanted Terith only for personal gain. SWARM arose like a snake under a rock, devastating us in the course of a few hours. I was caught in the middle, determined to stop them from ruining the only home I’ve ever known. I knew I couldn’t take the might of SWARM on my own, so I recruited my friends to help me. Given aid by them, along with the Varius, a special gift from my father, we were willing to do just about anything to end SWARM. But before I seem like a hero, it might be worth mentioning that this all started because of a girl – I was only human, after all. She was everything I didn’t know I needed. I don’t regret that it started this way, but I will forever regret what this fight cost me. She helped me realize that a good portion of the evil I was fighting…was hiding in my own heart.

I don’t wanna be that weird chick who fangirls over a book that she helped produce but, it really is awesome. All I did was edit and format a bit – Joel wrote the entire thing and has plans for two more books in the same series. So… what are you waiting for?!? Grab a paperback or a digital ebook on Amazon HERE: https://www.amazon.com/Terith-J-S-Spaulding/dp/1728745578/ref=pd_ybh_a_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=Y2NXKENQWZ010HCNN4ST

And you know the drill – if you read it, PLEASE leave a review. He’s just starting out and every review really does help a lot (as reviews help for my books too).

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Instagram: @j.s.spaulding

Twitter: @spauldingjoel1

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